Governor's Executive Workforce Board 

Purpose and Mission

  • Support the process of forecasting the skill needs of employers;
  • Ensure that the delivery and services of Ohio's Workforce System are aligned; and
  • Provide guidance on performance measurements of the system.
  • Encourage collaboration between the business and education communities to prepare Ohioans for successful careers.

Governor Kasich challenged the Governor’s Executive Workforce Board in 2016 to engage local communities, state agencies, and stakeholders in Ohio to respond to the following charge:

Identify ways to prepare and continuously retrain Ohioans of all ages for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

The Governor's Executive Workforce Board collaborated with the Office of Workforce Transformation and state agencies to create a consensus report of high impact, high scalability workforce recommendations, entitled:

"Building Ohio's Future Workforce"

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About The Governor's Executive Workforce Board

The Governor's Executive Workforce Board advises the Governor and the Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation on the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of Ohio's entire workforce system. The majority of the Board directly represents private-industry business, but also included on the Board are representatives from the Ohio General Assembly, local government, state agency, labor, and higher education. 

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