Industry Workforce Alliances Shape Education to the Needs of Business

Education and workforce are inextricably linked. With a vision to create a workforce development system that is driven by the needs of business and adaptive to change, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation is working with regional collaborations to develop comprehensive partnerships between employers, education and training providers, workforce boards, and community organizations.

These Industry Workforce Alliances, also known as sector partnerships, can effectively address the skill needs of key industries within a region by assisting the many partners in:

  • Understanding the current and future human capital needs within a specific industry;
  • Developing innovative solutions to address both the short- and long-term skill needs; and
  • Assisting education and training partners with the development of career pathways, aligning curriculum and credentials to the demands of local industry.

By helping to provide both the qualitative and quantitative data needed to understand and address skills gaps, Industry Workforce Alliances produce an industry-driven solution to addressing regional workforce shortages, creating greater opportunities for all Ohioans. To access a set of useful resources to develop a successful Industry Workforce Alliance, visit the Industry Workforce Alliance Toolkit page.

Industry Workforce Alliance Toolkit

2014 Industry Workforce Alliance Pilot Initiative Awards

In 2014, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (JFS), announced the Industry Workforce Alliance Pilot Initiative. This initiative is a grant opportunity for Industry Workforce Alliances designed to encourage workforce development partnerships among employers and other community leaders.

The grant recipients expect to place more than 75 percent of the 500 individual trainees upon completion of the program. Over the next several years, these programs anticipate continued development with the career pathways increasing capacity to offer further training opportunities to several hundred additional individuals.

  • Northeast: Mahoning Valley Manufacturing Coalition - focused on the manufacturing needs of the Mahoning Valley
  • Northwest: Allen County Economic Development Group - whose proposal addresses the growing manufacturing presence in Allen and surrounding counties
  • West: Montgomery County Department of Community & Economic Development - directing resources at the logistics and distribution development for the County
  • Southwest: Partners for a Competitive Workforce - implementing a plan centered on career pathway development within the logistic field
  • Southeast: Appalachian Ohio Health Professions Pathways, helping unemployed and underemployed Ohioans find work in the health care industry
  • Central: Insurance Industry Resource Council - whose application concentrated on meeting the increasing demands of Central Ohio’s insurance industry
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